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Deportation / Removal Proceedings


Deportation / Removal has many steps, and it's complicated: from the initial notification, all the way to the removal order. If you're in the removal process now, or might be subject to the process in the future, you should know some things about how the removal process works.

The Immigration  and Nationality Act (INA), amended by the illegal Immigration reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 determine removal proceedings whether a non-US citizen, or alien, should be removed, sent back to your home country, from the US.


Relief from Removal


There are several types of relief from removal that will allow you to stay in the US. Some of the most common are:


    -     Cancelation of Removal

    -     Adjustment of Status

    -     Asylum


The removal process is a serious one, and you should know that there are options available.

Hiring areliable immigration lawyer is the best way to handle the removal process.